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Web Development

Web development is the process of creating websites. It can include custom programming a complete system, using and adjusting existing frameworks (like Joomla, WordPress and Drupal) or creating online apps.

Which Open-Source Platform is Right for You? Click to enlarge.

Which Open-Source Platform is Right for You? Click to enlarge.

There are several ways to decide about the approach that should be taken when considering a new project:

  • What does the client want of their website?
    Is it a commercial site, an informational site, does it involve interaction with readers, or is the content static?
  • How often does the client want to update content?
  • How many pages and different sections should the site accommodate?
  • What type of information is the site going to feature?
  • Are there any special requirements?
    Does the client require any special tools that should be considered?
  • What type of technical knowledge does the client have?
    Is there anyone in the organization that can maintain the site after it is built? Is there anyone that can serve as a technical contact for training?

These questions are crucial when choosing the system and method that the site is built.

For example, if a client is a small business without dedicated technical team, the system will have to be simple and fully customizable without knowing specifics. If there are special technical requirements, these might require extra consideration to be able to be managed without a technical contact.

Another example is a company that wants several people to manage the site, perhaps several different aspects of the same site. One person can be responsible for “news” of the company, while another will be responsible for posting YouTube videos or press releases. In this case, the consideration is to choose a system that conveniently allows for collaboration of several people in different parts of the site, which some systems are better built for than others.