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IsRealli is the first blog published by an official government. While the blog existed slightly before my time at the Israeli Consulate in New York, I have helped upgrade it from a blog to a full online magazine. It continuously evolves, and has significant number of subscribers to the RSS feed and daily emails.

Project SmarterThanThat

In February 2008, after a couple of years of being an on-and-off YouTube contributor, I released a video demonstrating how to measure the speed of light at home. All the viewer needed was a piece of chocolate, a microwave oven, and a couple of minutes to do the basic calculation.

Twitter Press Conference

At the end of December 27th 2008, after several attacks, Israel launched “Operation Cast Lead” into the Gaza strip. Politics aside, this incursion held significant influence towards the interpretation of the image of Israel around the world. A considerable debate began on social media platforms – twitter being the lead among those – about Israel’s justification for the action.