IsRealli is the first blog published by an official government. While the blog existed slightly before my time at the Israeli Consulate in New York, I have helped upgrade it from a blog to a full online magazine. It continuously evolves, and has significant number of subscribers to the RSS feed and daily emails.

The site was more than just a blog – it was one of the Israeli Consulate’s earliest social media projects to connect with audiences directly. Its purpose as a branding tool is to expose the message of Israel beyond the conflict – a site dedicated to show the “other side” of Israel not often seen in the media. This includes new startups created in Israel, articles about culture and food, musicians in Israel or Israeli musicians around the world, etc.

Beyond the content, the desire to interact with our audience drew a lot of appreciation from readers, regardless of politics. This blog was a great way to communicate directly with online readers, achieving this goal even before social media marketing won a name of its own.

Technical Specs

  • Platform: WordPress (PHP/mySQL)
  • Template: Completely custom made
  • Features Overview:
    • Full control over content
    • “Magazine” view for the front page
    • Comment moderation and anti-spam measures
    • Advanced SEO support
    • Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
    • Twitter and Facebook integration
    • RSS feeds and Feedburner integration
    • Custom contact form

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