Project SmarterThanThat

In February 2008, after a couple of years of being an on-and-off YouTube contributor, I released a video demonstrating how to measure the speed of light at home. All the viewer needed was a piece of chocolate, a microwave oven, and a couple of minutes to do the basic calculation.

The idea was to show friends and general people online that even subjects we consider “complicated” in physics (like measuring the speed of light, in this case) can be understandable to anyone, and are not just limited to scientists with years of science education.

The success of the video blew me away. People enjoyed the idea and wanted more. I decided to open a new website,, and continue posting videos and articles that deliver scientific concepts in a clear, fun, and understandable method.

Beyond YouTube

Slowly, I began adding content more than just videos. SmarterThanThat features articles and analyses about scientific concepts that we tend to take for granted. An explanation of how humanity discovered the Earth is round, an analysis of the physical forces the planets apply on a newborn baby, and other such examinations.

And recently, a new section “Explicitly SmarterThanThat”, deals with the “naughty” part of science (All PG-13 rated, not to worry) as an attempt to make science even more approachable to young adults everywhere.


A couple of articles from SmarterThanThat were featured in various notable blogs.

  • 365 Days of Astronomy
  • Physics Central: Physics Buzz Blog
  • The Skeptic Zone
  • Bad Astronomy
  • Bad Astronomy
  • Bad Astronomy

You can see SmarterThanThat by clicking this link.


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