Windows 8 App: What’s Near Me

What's Near Me

What’s Near Me is an app that brings you Wikipedia articles that are tagged for your Geolocation, so you can find interesting topics around you as you go!

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Note: Since the app communicates with Wikilocation and Wikipedia, it must have an internet connection. And since it collects articles based on your location, it also must have the Location permissions approved. You may opt-out in the settings, but the app will not work without them.

Privacy Policy

What’s Near Me does not collect or publish any personal information. It does require both Intenet Connection and Location service, but those are required to collect the Wikipedia articles. They are not collected or stored anywhere by this app!


This app requests the use of your location in order to find Wikipedia articles that are Geotagged near you. You can opt-out of the Location service in the settings. However, the app will not work properly without it.

Internet Connection

This app requests the use of an internet connection in order to load the Wikipedia articles. No personal details are collected during these transactions.

Notices and Contact

If you would like to report any violations of this policy, please contact me with details and I will take care of it immediately!

Copyright Notice

This app was made by Moriel Schottlender, SmarterThanThat (c) 2013

The app uses Wikilocation to find nearby articles, and Wikipedia to extract the article contents.


Keep Wikipedia running, consider a donation to the Wikimedia Foundation!

(Donations or any sort of money transactions are absolutely not a requirement to use this app, but Wikipedia is awesome, and it deserves our support if we can)


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