Windows 8 App: NYCWiFi Hotspots


NYCWiFi Hotspots is a small Windows 8 Store App that displays free and fee-based WiFi hotspots across New York City. The information was taken from the NYC OpenData archive.

Get the App in the Windows 8 Store!

Note: Since the app uses Bing Maps, it can only be used with an internet connection. Make sure to check out those WiFi locations before you leave!

Privacy Notice

NYCWiFiHotspots does not collect or publish any personal information.

This app requests to use your location in order to center the map and show you available WiFi hotspots near you. Your location is not reported to the app maker, and is not used in any way other than centering the map itself. You can turn that feature off from the settings menu by opting out of the Location service.

This app requests the use of an internet connection in order to load the Bing Map view. No personal details are collected during these transactions.

Copyright Notice

This app was made by Moriel Schottlender, SmarterThanThat (c) 2013

The data supplied in this app is taken from the NYC OpenData project, and is subject to their terms of service.


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