Windows 8 App: Cooking Companion

Cooking Companion

Cooking Companion is your math-wiz sous chef for all your cooking needs. Its conversion calculator can quickly convert common cooking units for temperatures, weights and volumes and includes recipe-specific units like “Tablespoon”, “Cup”, and more.  The common substitution list is a quick reference for ingredient substitutions — for your cooking and baking needs!

Get the App in the Windows 8 Store!

Suggestions, Errors and Bugs

If you’ve encountered an error or a bug, please report it! You’ll help everyone who’s using this app, including me, and I promise to hug a puppy in your name.

If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or substitution updates, feel free to send me a line and I will add them in!

Copyright Notice

This app was made by Moriel Schottlender, SmarterThanThat (c) 2013


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