Windows 8 App: Convert That! One Awesome Unit Converter

Convert That!

ConvertThat! is a unit converter with a cheeky twist. Of course, it converts units for you, but then it speaks out, tells you awkwardly silly jokes. Yeah, I know. That awesome. And it also has plenty of unique units for you to convert to, like Empire State Buildings and Wembley Stadiums. Don’t think it’s awesome yet? Just try it out!

Get the App in the Windows 8 Store!

Suggestions, Errors and Bugs

If you’ve encountered an error or a bug, please report it! You’ll help everyone who’s using this app, including me, and I promise to hug a puppy in your name.

Also, if you find yourself needing to convert units that don’t appear in the converter, feel free to send me a line and I will be more than happy to add it!

Note: If those cheeky jokes and comments annoy you, fret not. You can turn them off (or control the frequency) in the settings. How do you like it now? Told you, it’s awesome.

Copyright Notice

This app was made by Moriel Schottlender, SmarterThanThat (c) 2013


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