MooBot is a Perl-based IRC automatic ‘bot’, with language and plugin support.

Technical Specs

Development Status

This project is currently in development. While it will likely run if you try it, it’s highly not recommended you do that just yet. I am looking for alpha testers to help me flush out the bot when the development is ready. If you’re interested, please send me a message.


This program was created as an easy-to-use IRC automated bot for general use purposes. There package was created under the following general premises:

  • “Dummy” proof
    The bot should be programmed in such a way where individual users can install and operate it without knowing perl or any other code.
  • Configurable
    As many of the bot operations and configuration should be controlled by the user.
  • Scallable and Expandable
    There should be options to add or remove bot operations using plugins.
    Plugins should be easy to program by an external developer.

Issues and Bugs

Please add all issues and bugs to the “issues” tab on the GitHub project page.


Picture courtesy of mararie/Flickr

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