Miso Offensivator

portfolio-miso“Miso Offensivator” is a small online tool meant to demonstrate people’s tendency to ‘groupthink’ and fall into the mentality of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ in formulating arguments.

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Technical Specs

  • System: Standalone
  • Language: PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap JS

Replacing feminine terms with offensive (or funny) ones, so you can more readily recognize offensive speech.

What’s it for?

We became quite good at recognizing racist claims. We tend not to recognize the same type of offensive claims when they have to do with women, the LGBT community and other minorities.

And while political correctness has its place, we sometimes tend to overdo it where we miss the pointa of having a rational, productive discussion.

This is what Miso Offensivator is for.

Miso Offensivator was developed as a thought provoking tool. Because thinking, considering and discussing issues is the best way to move towards progress.

Sometimes, it’s not easy to recognize that a claim is offensive to certain minorities, especially when you’re not part of that minority.

Discussions about these subjects tend to get emotional quickly. If we discuss a minority group in a manner that sounds discriminatory, we just end up pushing both sides apart instead of coming together to discuss things and reach some resolution.

It’s my hope that using this tool can give everyone a glimpse into how easy it is to fall into discrimination without noticing it — and hence miss the entire point of the discussion to begin with.

Miso Offensivator wasn’t intended to create an analogy between discussions about women and discussions about race. The ONLY purpose is to abuse our natural sensitivities to get people thinking.

By replacing feminine terms (women, girls, females) with racial terms (blacks, black men, african americans) we can turn the tables and show readers a different (and perhaps clearer) view of how things may sound to the group they are referring to.

How does it work?

Miso Offensivator reads the original website text and replaces key terms according to a rather simple algorithm. For the moment, the tool concentrates on women’s issues. Other groups will be added in the future.

The tool replaces text according to rules specified here.

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