Nova2 Crew Bio Awards

This is a small modification to Anodyne Nova system, that adds pictures of the awards given to specific characters as well as popovers of the reasons for the awards.

Technical Specs

  • System: Nova 2.0
  • Language: PHP, Javascript (jQuery) on CodeIgniter platform
  • Full Code on GitHub


It’s recommended you go directly to GitHub, and download the most current code. You can also find the code here.


  1. Open [your domain]/application/controllers/personnel.phpcontroller, and copy the entire function character() { } segment into the one in your domain. For your convenience, the function begins and ends with
    /**** CREW BIO MOD ****/
  2. IF YOUR VIEW FILES WERE NOT PREVIOUSLY EDITED, Upload the [mod]/application/views folder to [your domain]/application/views/

Bugs and Issues

If you encounter bugs, issues or want to recommend a fix or a feature, please post your comments on the “issues” tab in the project’s GitHub.


Picture courtesy of itupictures/Flickr

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