Programming Projects

  • Miso (Standalone)
  • MooBot (Standalone)
  • aweSimReport (Nova)
  • Crew Awards (Nova)
  • Manifest Details (Nova)


Programming, in short, is the process of writing and producing a computer program. It can involve creating an executable program for windows, an internet app, a mobile app, or anything in between and beyond.

PHP, Scripting or Programming

I’ve worked quite extensively with PHP. The line between “programming” and “scripting” in PHP tends to be delicate and it depends who you ask. “Hard core” programmers will usually claim PHP isn’t a programming language, but rather a scripting language, while PHP programmers will defend their right to program it with vigilance. Whatever the opinion is, there’s no doubt PHP is one of the leading languages involving website development, and most of the big open-source website platforms (WordPress, Drupal and Joomla) are based on it.

Moreover, PHP’s switch towards OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) seems to have pushed it a bit towards the ‘programming language’ spectrum further.

Personal Approach

Programmers have different approaches. Mine, in general, is user-driven. I try to produce tools that solve some issues everyone might encounter, and I try to produce these programs aiming towards non-technical audience. In other words, I hope to make sure that even people who know nothing about programming, or are uncomfortable with computers in general, can use them if they need to.

I have a couple of projects on GitHub open and available for everyone.