Windows 8 App: Physics Ref


PhysicsRef is a quick reference for Physics and Mathematics equations. It is meant for students, tutors and general science enthusiasts, and can be used as a study aid for exams. Current categories include Mathematics and Calculus, Constants, Newtonian Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Atomic Physics, Thermodynamics and Quantum Mechanics.

Windows 8 App: Cooking Companion

Cooking Companion

Cooking Companion is your math-wiz sous chef for all your cooking needs. Its conversion calculator can quickly convert common cooking units for temperatures, weights and volumes and includes recipe-specific units like “Tablespoon”, “Cup”, and more.  The common substitution list is a quick reference for ingredient substitutions — for your cooking and baking needs!

Windows 8 App: Convert That! One Awesome Unit Converter

Convert That!

ConvertThat! is a unit converter with a cheeky twist. Of course, it converts units for you, but then it speaks out, tells you awkwardly silly jokes. Yeah, I know. That awesome. And it also has plenty of unique units for you to convert to, like Empire State Buildings and Wembley Stadiums. Don’t think it’s awesome yet? Just try it out!