Hi, my name is Moriel, and I love programming. Shh…

The Beginning

My experience in programming started when I was 7 years old, in computer summer school. The internet wasn’t available yet (your cue to shriek, youngin’s!) so we sat in front of computers and worked in a programming language called “LOGO“. It was a very basic scripting language that allowed you to input basic commands that controlled a marker on the screen.

This, for instance, drew a rectangle:

At 7 years old, when computers could barely display 16 colors, I thought it was all the rage.

Things, actually, got a lot awesomer. In our case, we also connected automated LEGO robots to the computer using a ‘bridge’ called “LEGO LOGO“. Our commands didn’t just move a marker on the screen, but actually told the machine we built in LEGO how to move.

I created a little robotic arm that stirred coffee. Needless to say, when presentation day came, my dad was delighted.

Programming (r)Evolution

My programming has evolves since then, my passion to make things work carrying me forward through as many languages as I could put my hands on. I touched on QBasic and Pascal, Visual Basic, C and C++ and when the web emerged, I went on to ASP, Perl, Javascript, PHP, and JAVA.

With each, I delved in full-force, usually with some project in mind to utilize my newly acquired knowledge. It would usually start with “That looks like an interesting language… I wonder if I can do X,” and followed with doing it, and in the process, learning the language.